Moroccans Say Farewell To Boy Who Died In Well – The Son Of Us All

TAMOROT, Morocco, Feb 7 (Reuters) – Hundreds of mourners gathered to pay their closing respects on Monday to the Moroccan boy who died on Saturday after a days-lengthy effort to rescue him from an effectively that transfixed the country and many abroad. His physique was lastly pulled out late on Saturday after rescuers excavated much of an adjacent hillside after which tunnelled towards the bottom of the well. Five-year-old Rayan Awram fell into the effectively in Ighran village on Tuesday. Hundreds of mourners climbed the hilly, unpaved street leading to the cemetery in Ighran, near Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, where they waited for hours for the funeral to observe the Muslim burial rituals. There have been so many mourners that they couldn’t all fit into the village cemetery and prayer site. On Saturday, condolences to the parents additionally came from King Mohammed VI, Pope Francis, French President Emmanuel Macron, Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum and different notables. Egyptian and Senegalese football gamers held a minute of silence on Sunday earlier than the kickoff of the ultimate of the African Cup of Nations soccer tournament. Two massive tents had been erected in entrance of the grieving household’s house the place mourners could cease to supply condolences. Rescuers had worked ceaselessly at fixed danger of triggering a landslide in their ultimately fruitless effort to drag out the little one alive. Ali Sahraoui, informed reporters at the funeral.
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